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Inventor Robert D. Hunt's TED Talk in Austin, TX in which he discusses how he became an Inventor


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Revoluntionary Record Holding Efficiency New Free Piston Engine that Video on YouTube



Patent Library

Mr. Robert D. Hunt the Founder of the Energy Inventor's Partner holds patents in the following fields currently assigned to the Energy Inventor's Partner that are currently available for licensing for manufacture or the sale of products:

  1. Innovative new free piston engine technology being exhaust actuated whereby the exhaust automatically times the engine without the need of electricity that uses a novel Sprague gear transmission that always maintains a perfect ninety degree force vector angle for optimum transfer of force, which eliminates the need for a crankshaft, which has recently set record engine efficiency for a piston style engine of ninety-four percent rivaling the efficiency of the most precision of turbine engines ( ; and,
  2. Sprague gear transmission that uses gears that catch in one direction and slip in the other to cover back and forth movement into rotation in a single direction while always maintaining a perfect ninety degree force vector angle that is the most efficient means of transferring reciprocating force into rotation ever tested thus far that can be used to harness any back and forth movement into high speed rotation extremely efficiently with patents now filed in over forty countries (See website: for more detail); and,
  3. Record breaking ultra-low temperature geothermal power generation; and,
  4. Ultra-low temperature Solar thermal power generation technology capable of readily being built into structures (See website: for more detail); and,
  5. Solar thermal building material technology that transcends the solar industry into the construction industry as the novel product is a siding that transforms the envelope of buildings into power plants in one simple step (See website: for more detail); and,
  6. An oil and gas related technology that dewaters gas wells and pumps heavy hydrocarbons to the surface using the heat energy of the earth that produces geothermal power in the process that may be used for any purpose; and,
  7. A new method to extract natural gas from brine solution while under pressure powered by geothermal energy that produces far more power than is needed by the process so that excess power for any use is generated by the process as an additional benefit; and,
  8. Refrigeration and heating technology that uses a novel modification of the Einstein Refrigeration Cycle (commonly known as absorption chiller technology) that takes only a fraction as much energy to operate as it only takes a fraction of the heat needed by the absorption cycle to produce refrigeration. The availability of low energy input refrigeration provides the capability for its use for heat rejection for power cycles that can then use heat sources having extremely low temperatures (well below the temperatures currently needed). Further, by having refrigeration for heat rejection the process provides a means of power generation without the need of cooling water that is often not available, which dramatically increases the efficiency of electrical power generation; and,
  9. Wind Energy harnessed use of novel dual-axis, Delta-drag technology that can be integrated seamlessly into building and into automobiles and airplanes never before revealed; and,
  10. Wave energy harnessed by using the novel Sprague gear transmission that converts back and forth and up and down reciprocating motions of waves into high speed rotation in a single direction; and, other aspects of the technology that allow far more power to be gained from wave energy than any competing technology known at much lower costs with rapid installation; and,
  11. An aircraft capable of changing it buoyancy from being heavier-than-air to being lighter-than-air that flies using the heat energy within the air at low altitude as its power source and then uses the cold air at high altitude for heat rejection using a novel batch power cycle (See website: ); and,
  12. Ocean thermal energy conversion (OTEC) technology being on the order to three times more efficient that prior art OTEC means using highly energy efficient novel gas-lift technology developed by Mr. Hunt; and,
  13. Novel gas-lift power cycle technology used in geothermal power cycles; solar thermal power cycles; and OTEC; and,
  14. Novel piezoelectric generator technology using electro-magnetic means that eliminates impact in order to gain power generation from piezoelectric materials far more efficiency and requiring far less power input; and,
  15. Novel electrophorus / electrostatic generator means that has the potential to revolutionize power generation as its power input requires are extremely minimal.

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