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ted talk

Inventor Robert D. Hunt's TED Talk in Austin, TX in which he discusses how he became an Inventor


youtube engine

Revoluntionary Record Holding Efficiency New Free Piston Engine that Video on YouTube




The Energy Inventor's Partner (EIP) represents new innovative intellectual property (IP) created by world class inventors working in the energy field whose bright innovate minds we believe are capable of producing patentable concepts that have substantial commercial potential, which can be profitable to our organization and its investment partners.

EIP finances engineering and patent work in order to attain enforceable patents on behalf of its inventors; performs prototype development to demonstrate the viability of our products; and, then subsequently licenses the products for manufacture thereby receiving royalties from the patented units sold or patented processes performed in the same manner as does a private inventor but with the financial help of the inventor's partner.

Inventors receive ownership in the Energy Inventor's Partner in return for assigning their patent royalty income to the organization; and, thereby like the investment partners, they gain the security of being an owner in a large array of IP through the EIP organization in the field of energy that dramatically increases the changes of ultimate financial success.

Investors in the Energy Inventor's Partner share in the royalties derived from commercialization and manufacturing of the technologies. EIP is much like a technology fund; and, if only one of the inventions represented becomes successful, the potential profits are enormous -- while the risks are reduced because we are not putting all of our technological eggs into a single product "basket". Many of the technologies we represent hold billion dollar potential.

Royalty Income derived by private inventors and by the partners who support development of the technology receive special tax considerations, which passes through to the partners who provide financial support to the inventors in regard to patent costs, prototype development, and product license activities being taxed at the lowest rate for long-term capital gains.

The Energy Inventors Partner acts as a clearing house between inventors and investment partners to facilite the commercialization of innovative new patented products.

If you are interested in learning more about the technologies we currently represent that are available for licensing please contact us.

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